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March 2018 Unconventional Income Report

March 2018 Unconventional Income Report

And we're BACK IN ACTION for March 2018! In case you missed the update from last month, in February 2018 I made the decision to shut down my private practice.  I still had a decent number of people I was actively working with 1:1 at the time, but I decided to stop...

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February 2018 Unconventional Income Report

February 2018 Unconventional Income Report

For some reason, February always tends to be a low-earning month for me.  I'm not 100% sure why this is, but I think it might be because A) it's a short month, and B) It's my birthday month! I think I tend to relax a little more around this time and take my foot off...

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January 2018 Unconventional Income Report

January 2018 Unconventional Income Report

Yahoo! We've made it to 2018 with these income reports!  Only 11 months to go to catch up to real-time. ???? In 2018, I'm going to do things a little bit differently. Rather than JUST sharing my gross income (before expenses are taken out), I'm now going to share BOTH...

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