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I can help you, because I’ve been where you are…

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Here’s me, newly credentialed, yet totally LOST.

When I first became a registered dietitian in 2014, I had all the passion and enthusiasm in the world, yet NO clarity on who I wanted to help or how. 

So I started an in-person private practice with absolutely no niche and no clear messaging – because I thought private practice was the only path to entrepreneurship as an RD.

As you can imagine, that didn’t go so well. I quickly discovered that 1:1 appointments give me raging anxiety and I was actually celebrating when people would cancel on me. 

Clearly, this wasn’t working. So I carved a new path for myself online.

Enter, food blogging.

I’d been dabbling in food blogging since 2010, but in 2015 I started fresh and attempted to create a real business around it.

I faithfully posted recipes 1-2x per week for 2.5 YEARS and never got more than 2,000 visitors per month from Google. 

If you do that math, that means each recipe was only read by like 10 people from Google each month. Yikes! What a HORRIBLE return on my investment!

Erica Julson Food Blog 2015
Functional Nutrition Answers Blog

I cried when my boyfriend said I needed to get a “real job.”

I was NOT ready to throw in the towel yet! Around this time, I started to hear about this thing called “SEO” (search engine optimization) and how it was the KEY to getting your content found online. 

So, I started fresh. I launched a new blog on functional nutrition, designed to attract readers and members to a paid membership site that ran alongside it.

Within 10 months, with just 10 blog posts, more than TWENTY THOUSAND people were coming to the site each month and 40% of our new paying customers found us through our blog posts ranking on Google.

It freaking worked! FINALLY!

These days…

I teach other
incredible professionals
how to do the same.

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