Online Business Recap Jan 19th -25th

Here were this week’s top stories:

#1 Duck Duck Go adds “featured snippets”

The search engine Duck Duck Go has added “quick answers” to their search results, much like Google’s featured snippets.

However, right now, all of these results are sourced from WikiHow, and no other websites.

#2 No more duplicate results on page one of Google

This is a big update!

In the past, if a website had a featured snippet position in the Google search results, they not only had a link to their content in the featured snippet, but also a second organic search results further down on page one.

As of this week, Google has removed these double listings. If someone has the featured snippet, that’s the only spot they get on page one.

Studies are currently in progress to see how this affects organic traffic and click through rates.

#3 Google backtracks with favicons

LAST week, Google announced that they would be displaying favicons within the SERPs (search engine results pages) on desktop.

But apparently that didn’t go over too well. Now they are backtracking and experimenting with removing this feature.

#4 Google’s new dataset search

Google’s datasearch feature is now out of beta. This feature allows users to search datasets available on the internet. You can get your datasets included in this feature by using dataset schema.

#5 Twitter adds emoji reactions for DMs

You can now react to Twitter direct messages with emojis, like you can on Instagram.

#6 New Instagram tool for story mentions

Does your IG handle get mentioned in stories a lot?

Well, now in the “Create” mode of IG stories you can quickly see all of those mentions and create stories that feature them.

#7 Google “Collections” gets an upgrade

Do you ever search for stuff on Google and forget to save it? Google’s “collections” feature is designed to help with this.

Google will now prompt you to create and save “collections” of search topics. The idea to create a Pinterest-like feature directly within Google.

#8 ConvertKit now has a FREE plan!

My favorite email marketing platform, ConvertKit, has gone freemium!

You used to have to pay $29/month to use their services, but they now offer the ability to create landing pages and collect email addresses 100% for FREE.

You still have to pay if you want to actually send emails (unless you invite friends to the platform, then you can earn 100 free subscribers per referral, up to 1,000 total).

HOWEVER, as an affiliate of ConvertKit, I am now able to gift you 100 FREE subscriber credits.

If you sign up through my affiliate link, you can create a free account AND send emails to up to 100 people…. 100% for FREE. (Full disclosure: If you enroll through my affiliate link and choose to sign up for a paid plan later, I may earn a commission on the purchase, at no extra cost to you.)


Hope you enjoyed this update!

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Erica Julson is a registered dietitian turned digital marketing pro. She has over 12 years of experience blogging and building online businesses and has taught over 900 wellness professionals inside her signature program, SEO Made Simple.