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Can You Track Your Rankings in AI Overviews?

Yesterday, I shared examples of Google’s “AI Overviews”, rolling out to US users this week. (In case you missed it, ​you can catch up here​.) So… what has the reception been like? SEOs have been unimpressed with Google’s AI responses for the last year… … but Google...

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AI Overviews Are Now Live in Google Search!

This week, Google hosted its annual Google I/O conference, where they debut new technologies and products for the year ahead. I watched it live and took copious notes to share with you! Honestly, there was nothing *that* groundbreaking compared to last year…mostly...

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Why I’m Ditching The High Ticket Course Model

It’s true. I’m ditching the high-ticket course model. After 3 years of successfully selling my high-ticket (to me, that’s ~$1k+) signature course … … I’m over it. (No shame to anyone who still operates within this business model, I just feel like I’m outgrowing it.)...

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