Search-optimized content is one of the most effective ways to grow an audience online.

Over the last 9 years, my website content has reached literally millions of people via search engines (like Google) and helped me earn over $1 million online.

But the truth is, search-optimized content (alone) is not enough.

SEO content gets you in front of your ideal people.

(They search, you show up!)

But to transition them from a casual reader to a customer, there are 3 types of content you need:

Screenshot of @theunconventionard on Threads - Three types of content you should be creating online. 1. Content that builds trust (you know what you're talking about) 2. Conetnt that establishes belief (they can do it too.) 3. Content that shows proof (others have been successful).

Let me explain each type in more detail. 👇

#1: TRUST content

Trust content is mostly informational.

People have questions. They search for answers.

And YOU strategically create content that answers them.

Repeat at scale and suddenly, you’re the go-to resource in your niche.

Every time someone searches, you’re there….

… attracting thousands of your “perfect people” each month, via helpful content.

Along the way, share your opinions, frameworks, and perspectives to build even more trust and thought leadership in your area of expertise.

Without “trust” content, you may struggle to grow a sustainable organic audience and establish yourself as a go-to authority in your niche.

#2: BELIEF content

Belief content tackles the intangible stuff.

Mindset. Objections. Pain points. Limiting beliefs.

What is preventing your people from taking action or making progress? Create content around those topics.

Tell stories. Share your personal experiences. Connect on a human level.

Without “belief” content, you may struggle to connect with your audience emotionally. They won’t be convinced you really “get them” and have effective solutions.

#3: PROOF content

Proof content shows that you’re not BS-ing.

Share wins from people you have helped (or stories of others succeeding in your niche.)

Interview past students or other successful people in your space.

Tell your personal story, if applicable.

This is proof of concept. That real people are getting the results/outcomes they’re looking for.

Without “proof” content, you’re selling yourself short. You’re a badass at solving problems. Make sure the world knows it!

Now of course, sprinkle some *personality* fairy dust on all of the above to make it your own.

Then consistently publish and watch your audience, connection, and conversions grow!

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Hope you’re having a great week!

Thanks again for being a part of this community ❤️.

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