Today I’m going to give you the SIMPLEST way to double your traffic…

… WITHOUT having to be on 50 million social media platforms and totally burning out.

Any guesses??



Alright, here it is…



Publish. More. Often.

I know, you’re probably like, “Okay, Erica, thanks for the big revelation!”

But seriously, sometimes we just overcomplicate things.

IF what you’re doing is working…

… and the blog posts you’re putting out there are growing your organic traffic every month…

…by simply DOUBLING your publishing frequency…

….you could reach your goals in HALF the time!!

In fact, one of my SEO Made Simple students who was recently accepted into Mediavine shared this exact tip.

She went from getting 2-3k monthly visitors to 50k (!!!) in 6 months…

… simply by focusing on higher-volume keywords and posting 5-10 times per month.

(And this was a nutrition-focused blogger, not a food blogger.)

So if you’re currently publishing once a week….

….. is there a way you could speed up your workflow (perhaps with AI or outsourcing) to get 2 posts out per week?

That simple change could be the difference between reaching Mediavine in 6 months vs 1 year from now.

Just some food for thought on this lovely Tuesday!

All the best,


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Erica Julson is a registered dietitian turned digital marketing pro. She has over 12 years of experience blogging and building online businesses and has taught over 900 wellness professionals inside her signature program, SEO Made Simple.