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Raise your hand if you LOVE podcasts!

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Podcasts are the bomb, right??

They are so easy to pop on while working out, walking the dog, editing photos, sitting in traffic, doing dishes, you name it! It’s a great way to keep up on business & nutrition topics, even if you have a hectic lifestyle.

Plus, they are FREE! Can’t get any better than that.

I’ll admit, I’m slightly addicted to podcasts.. I have at least 40 different podcasts on my feed…. and they take up like half the space on my iPhone. Ooops!

But really, I learn so much from them. I just can’t stop listening!

So here are my Top 25 Business Podcasts for Unconventional Dietitians:


1. Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn – If you’re into the blogging world, chances are, you already idolize Pat Flynn. I mean, he’s the best! Each week on his podcast, Pat interviews other online entrepreneurs & shares his tips and strategies for making money online. One of the most loved things about Pat is his honesty. He’s not here just to show off his success, but also to share his failures and help others learn from what didn’t work. His goal is for all of us to grow & become the best online entrepreneurs we can be. And in case you had any doubts… this guy isn’t faking it. He made over $250,000 in March 2017 alone. Wanna be the best? Learn from one of them!

2. ProBlogger Podcast with Darren Rowse – This is one of my favorite podcasts. Darren has been blogging professionally for over a decade, and has TONS of valuable insights for us newbs. He interviews high quality guests, and knows just the right questions to ask so that his listeners can learn the most from them. He has almost 200 episodes in the archives, so there’s plenty of content to get started with!

3. The Food Blogger Pro Podcast – Honestly, if you had to twist my arm and make me pick just ONE podcast to listen to forever, it would be this one. It’s run by Bjork Ostrom, husband of blogger Lindsay Ostrom (Pinch of Yum), and founder of Food Blogger Pro (affiliate link). Every Tuesday they release a new episode discussing best practices for food blogging, SEO tips, & inspirational interviews with other bloggers who have made the transition to blogging full time. Bjork is a killer interviewer, and does an amazing job at asking probing questions while still keeping things light and fun. I highly recommend!

4. The Chopped Podcast – This is another really good podcast for food bloggers. Marly McMillen, blogger at Namely Marly, interviews other successful food bloggers and experts to help her listeners learn how to take their blogs to the next level. Topics covered include how to grow your audience, how to write authentically, how to improve your photography, and how to master SEO (just to name a few).

5. Blogging Your Passion – If you like short & sweet bits of information, check out this podcast from Jonathan Milligan. Each episode is only 15 or 20 minutes, so it’s perfect when you’re short on time or just want one digestible piece of advice at a time. By staying laser focused on one specific topic, Jonathan is able to offer clear actionable steps to help his listeners get out there and start moving the needle! Jonathan doesn’t post as frequently, but he has some really valuable content and advice in the archives, so you should still check it out!

6. The Blog Millionaire Podcast – Blogger Brandon Gaille was able to grow his blog to over 1 million visitors per month in less than a year and a half. An amazing feat, no doubt! On his podcast, Brandon shares quick tips so that other bloggers can follow in his footsteps. These episodes are also on the shorter side, usually around 20 minutes, so they’re perfect to listen to on trips to the grocery store, etc. Topics covered include improving your search rankings, boosting traffic, increasing productivity, and monetizing your blog.

7. The Boss Girl Creative Podcast – Every Wednesday, host Taylor Bradford shares her insights on blogging and running an online business. Rather than focusing just on the technical aspects of business, Taylor sprinkles in episodes on other topics too, like maintaining your brand’s integrity, managing expectations, and busting through creative funks. Of course, she also covers the nitty gritty, like growing your following on social media, successfully implementing affiliate marketing, and working with brands, but I really appreciate the balance in her approach.

8. Learning with Leslie – This is a somewhat new podcast on my roster, but I have to admit, I’m a fan! Leslie Samuel (of becomeablogger.com) has such a joyous and bubbly personality, that you just can’t turn him off. Even better? He’s a veteran in the blogging world, and packs TONS of value into his episodes. I’ll find myself nodding along to his recommendations, even though I’m just alone in my living room 🙂 He’s about to hit his 300th episode… so you know he’s onto something!

9. The Hustle & Flowchart Podcast– This podcast from Matt Wolfe and Joe Fier is all about automation and time management- from how to set up successful sales funnels, to repurposing content, to planning your weeks for maximum efficiency. I know, it sounds like just another business podcast, but Matt Wolfe is a great host & delivers high-quality information you can actually use & implement in your business ASAP. You won’t be disappointed.

10. Online Marketing Made Easy – Amy Porterfield doesn’t mess around on her podcast. She dishes up so much quality advice, it’s hard to believe it’s free! Amy is an amazing teacher of online marketing techniques, and every single episode leaves you feeling like you’ve learned something really valuable. I’m always inspired to take action after listening! In addition, Amy offers free downloadable content to go with each episode, so you can get even more value out of her stuff.

11. Marketing School with Neil Patel & Eric Siu – This is actually a DAILY podcast, offering brief, 10 minute snippets of online marketing advice from two seasoned experts. Neil Patel is a legend. He managed to rank #1 AND #2 in Google for the term “online marketing”, which is clearly a very competitive keyword! Eric is a very successful owner of an online marketing agency that works with big brands like Uber, Amazon, and Sony Pictures. I love that they keep their advice short and sweet, but still packed with value.

12. The Art of Paid Traffic – If you thought online marketing was a tight niche already, get ready to niche down even further. In this podcast, host Rick Mulready discusses all things paid-traffic, with a special focus on Facebook ads. If you’re thinking about launching a few paid ads on Facebook, definitely check out Rick’s podcast before you spend your hard earned cash. He’ll help you do it right the first time, and see the results you’re really looking for.

13. The Simple Pin Podcast – Yep, there’s an entire podcast out there dedicated entirely to Pinterest. If you want to get serious about improving your Pinterest game, Kate Ahl, owner of Simple Pin Media, is here to help. Each week she interviews experts and shares her own tips on creating quality pins that rank in search, boosting traffic, gaining followers, scheduling, and understanding analytics. I’ve learned so much from listening, and have quite the list of tips to implement in the coming months!

14. Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner – This podcast is hosted by social media juggernaut, Michael Stelzner. Michael is the creator of the blog Social Media Examiner and coordinates the Social Media Marketing World annual conference. This podcast is definitely near the top of my listening list, as it always delivers timely content that motivates me to work on my brand’s social presence & conversion rates. If you’re looking to get more strategic with your social media presence, this podcast’s for you.

15. She’s Building Her Empire with Stacy Tuschl – Stacy’s podcast has such a great vibe. It’s like chatting with a girlfriend over coffee about your business. She covers everything a female entrepreneur might want to know, like how to delegate & prioritize self-care without affecting profits, incorporating new streams of income into your business, and networking effectively with peers. Definitely check this one out!

16. Blissful Bites with Nicole Culver – Nicole is a fellow food-entrepreneur, so she totally understands us RDs. Every week, she interviews other food-related entrepreneurs (including dietitians!) to learn more about how they got where they are today. The weekly podcast episodes are 30 minutes, but she also sprinkles in a few 5-10 minute tidbits throughout the week as well. Her main goal is to help bloggers and other food-entrepreneurs start making money in their businesses NOW, rather than waiting until they have a million pageviews. I love her perspective, and the advice is super motivating!

17. Heart, Hustle, & Soul Podcast – This is another podcast that just has great vibes. Host Zach Spuckler is so NICE and helpful. You can hear the passion in his voice. Zach left graduate school in order to pursue his online business, and has never looked back. He shares tips on how to coordinate successful product launches, work smarter not harder, and build thriving communities around your business/brand. You’ll be super inspired after hearing Zach’s story & listening to these motivating interviews.

18. The School of Self Mastery – Rather than being hyper-focused on business strategy or marketing tactics, Adrienne Dorison takes a holistic approach to entrepreneurship in her podcast. She discusses things like overcoming fear, taking ownership of your dreams, and the importance of boundaries. Of course, she also talks about launching courses, creating content, and growing your following, but always with a balanced perspective. Check it out if you want to learn more about crafting a life on your own terms!

19. How I Built This – Okay, you KNOW this podcast is awesome since it’s from NPR. If you’ve ever wondered how big brands like Instagram, Clif Bar, or AirBnB got their start, here’s your chance to find out! Host Guy Raz interviews the founders of mega well known companies, & teases out the highs and lows of their entrepreneurial journeys. It’s always fun to realize that even the most successful brands were started by regular people, just like you and me. Talk about motivation!

20. The GaryVee Audio Experience – Gary Vaynerchuck can certainly be an acquired taste, but I love his no-holds barred approach to life and business. Yes, he cusses in his podcast. Yes, he works his tush off. And yes, he calls people out when they aren’t actually doing the work. But amongst the intense energy & passion of his podcast, Gary drops some awesome truth-bombs and insights into entrepreneurship. I appreciate that this is one podcast my boyfriend and I can both enjoy. I swear, some of his energy will rub off on you after listening!

21. Being Boss – This podcast is run by two kick ass women, Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon. Each week they share their best tips on “being boss”, which means living and working the way YOU want. They share full length weekly episodes (usually about an hour) where they interview other boss ladies & get advice on mindset, productivity, and business. They also post “minisodes” every week, with 10 minute snippets of advice on just one topic, like managing expectations or pitching a podcast. I love their laid back vibe and focus on being unapologetically you.

22. The Lucky Bitch Podcast – Denise Duffield-Thomas is one of my favorite online entrepreneurs. She runs the wildly successful course “Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp” (affiliate link), where she helps entrepreneurial women smash their money blocks and uplevel their income. She is 100% transparent and authentic, sharing exactly how she started and grew her business, to empower other women to do the same. Her blogs are such high quality that I read every single one that hits my inbox, and her podcast is just another avenue to share. Her episodes are short and sweet, so I guarantee you can find 10 minutes in your day to tune in.

23. The Marie Forleo Podcast – Yep, the QUEEN of online business and entrepreneurship (founder of B-School) finally launched a podcast. She already hosts MarieTV, where she answers readers questions on business and entrepreneurship, and interviews thought leaders on how they run their heart-based businesses. Now her priceless info is available in podcast form for easy listening on the go. Winning!

24. The Cookbook Deal – Okay, so this podcast is super niche, but also super enlightening! I know lots of RDs, especially food blogging RDs, wonder what it would be like to write a cookbook. Well, the mystery is over! Blogger Jessica Murnane (jessicamurnane.com) created a podcast solely for documenting her process of writing a cookbook. From landing the deal, to working with an agent and editor, to sticking to deadlines and staying on budget, Jessica shares it all. I’m personally finding this podcast super enlightening & totally recommend it to those contemplating publishing a cookbook.

25. Ask Pat – It’s only appropriate to end where we started, right?? In addition to SPI, Pat Flynn also hosts a Q&A podcast where he answers readers questions about online business. The questions run the gamut from email etiquette, to backing up data, to boosting e-book sales, to ranking high in keyword searches. Just think, if you listen to these episodes every weekday, by the end of the year you’ll have over 250 tidbits of info to utilize in your business. Can’t get any easier than 5 minutes a day!

Well that’s it! My Top 25 Business Podcasts for Unconventional Dietitians.

I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

Did I miss anything? Share YOUR favorite podcasts in the comments below. (I’m always looking to feed my addiction. Thanks in advance!)

– – – – –

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Erica Julson is a registered dietitian turned digital marketing pro. She has over 12 years of experience blogging and building online businesses and has taught over 900 wellness professionals inside her signature program, SEO Made Simple.