If you’re one of the zillions of people who aren’t enjoying AI Overviews in Google search…

… here are a few creative ways to get around them!

#1) Use Google’s new “Web” filter

Google quickly realized that some searchers want written content when searching…

… so they rolled out a new “Web” filter that only shows text-based links in the search results.

It removes all the “fluff” from the search results (videos, AI overviews, featured snippets, People Also Ask, etc.)

… and just shows you a list of links to websites.

You can find it underneath the search bar on desktop and mobile:

(You might need to click the three dots next to “More” or the “All filters” dropdown to find it.)

Google has even more plans to shake up the layout of the search results and incorporate additional AI features, so the “Web” filter may be a lifesaver as these changes roll out.

#2) Block AI Overviews with a plugin

If you still want rich features in search (like featured snippets, recipe carousels, video packs, etc.), but just not the AI Overviews….

… you’re in luck!

​This (free) Chrome extension​ can block them from appearing. 😅

#3) Use an alternative search engine

Currently, Google has an 86% market share for search engines in the US.

That’s actually down from 88% one year ago…

… so people are (slowly) moving away from Google and exploring other search engines.

If you want to vote with your searches, consider using an alternative search engine, like ​Bing​, ​Yahoo​, or ​DuckDuckGo​.

Currently, Bing has an 8% market share (up 2% in the last year), followed by Yahoo at 2.5% and DuckDuckGo at 2%.

Your choices and actions when searching make an impact, so don’t be afraid to explore some of these options!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend and I’ll be back with more next week 🙂

Thanks again for being a part of this community ❤️.

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